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What's The Best Time To Take My Vim & Vigor Shot?

What's The Best Time To Take My Vim & Vigor Shot?


Here at Hoosier Herbal Remedies, we’re always thrilled when a customer reaches out to us to ask questions or provide feedback about our health tonic. 

Occasionally, the question will be one that we think many people would like to know the answer to. When that happens, we’ve decided we’ll answer the question publicly on our blog!

Let’s take a look at a question that came through recently concerning the best way to take Vim & Vigor.

“Dear Hoosier Herbal Remedies,

I’m a 35 year-old woman living in Arizona. I’ve been using your apple vinegar drink for a few months now, and I absolutely love the boost of energy and illness-fighting nutrients that I get. Instead of taking a bunch of obscure natural supplements, I just take a couple tablespoons of Vim & Vigor, and I’ve got a healthy dose of over a dozen medicinal herbs! Keep up the great work.

The reason that I’m writing is that my husband and I can’t agree on the best time of day to take your apple vinegar drink. I say the best time to take Vim & Vigor is in the morning, but my husband likes to take it at night, before he goes to bed. Which one of us is right?


Early Riser in Arizona”

Well, Early Riser, we can’t thank you enough for purchasing Vim & Vigor, our Apple Cider Herbal Tonic, and taking the time to write to us. We wish we could tell you that you’re the winner of this cute debate with your husband, but the truth is: you’re both right!

While most of our customers report that they prefer to take Vim & Vigor in the morning, at the same time they’re eating breakfast and taking other supplements, we also have customers who choose to take it at night. The time of day doesn’t really matter that much. It’s just important that you take it every day!


Hoosier Herbal Remedies