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3 Reasons Our Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic Tastes Better Than Others

3 Reasons Our Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic Tastes Better Than Others

When some people first hear about our apple cider vinegar tonic, their immediate reaction is “Gross! Why would I drink that?!”

It’s true, Vim & Vigor is made with aged organic apple cider vinegar, which, while having many health benefits, it’s a pretty unusual thing for most people to drink. If they’ve had any experience with apple cider vinegar at all, most people have experienced this unique substance in salad dressings and as a flavoring for dark leafy greens.

While ours certainly isn’t the only apple cider vinegar tonic on the market today, we do believe it’s the best tasting one. Other apple cider vinegar tonics, including recipes for DIY tonics, are often very acidic and bitter-tasting, making it hard for most people to swallow. 

Here at Hoosier Herbal Remedies, however, our unique ingredient list allows us to deliver an apple cider vinegar tonic that even your kids will want to drink!

Here’s why:

  • Organic Grape & Apple Juice - After blending organic apple cider vinegar together with 14 American-grown herbs and spices, Hoosier Herbal Remedies adds in concentrate of organic apple and white grape juices. This takes the edge off the vinegary taste, adding just the right amount of natural sweetness to our apple cider vinegar tonic. These are secret ingredients one and two, even though they’re not so secret now, right?
  • Herbs & Spices - The third not-so-secret ingredient in Vim & Vigor apple cider vinegar tonic is our herbs and spices. Carefully grown and hand-selected from organic gardens in the U.S., these natural supplements --like star anise, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger--do more than just provide health benefits. They also impart a lovely, complex flavor to our apple cider vinegar tonic.

Want to taste the delicious flavor of our apple cider vinegar tonic for yourself? Order a bottle of Vim & Vigor today!