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Real, Transformative, and Honest -
Just like Grandma Roberta

The expression “vim and vigor” means ebullient vitality and energy. This inspirational aspiration is what drives the name of our unique apple cider tonic recipe that was born in our Grandma Roberta’s kitchen in 1993. 

Back then, our sweet Grandma Roberta was experimenting with her home. She was on a mission to create a natural apple cider remedy that could help her granddaughter’s blood sugar issues.  Soon after using Grandma Roberta’s recipe, her granddaughter felt better, saw improved blood sugar levels, and the recipe has been handed down through the generations.

Our recipe has roots in an organic adaptation of an old Kentucky mountain recipe. This unique,  certified organic raw apple cider vinegar tonic has 14 herbs and spices in one convenient bottle. The success of family members using her recipe inspired Grandma Robert to help other people. Since then, Vim & Vigor has helped thousands of people blossom in their bodies and encourage their bodies to thrive. Our customers love that Vim & Vigor is 100% made in the USA - everything from the labels to bottle caps to the ingredients to the juices. 

There are thousands of synthetic drugs on the market today. When Vim & Vigor is used properly, we believe this herb supplement competes right alongside those medications. The healing powers of this product are unique to each person - and we stay honest with the results and expectations around how this product can help may improve your health and vitality. 

A hidden secret to a happy life is often found in something as simple as a family tradition. And that’s exactly how Vim & Vigor got started. 

So, sip your apple cider daily. Rise to the occasion of life. And proclaim to “live with Vim & Vigor” just like our darling Grandma Robert would say each morning with her own spoonful of apple cider vinegar. 

With love,

The VIm & Vigor Family 

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