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What Sets Vim & Vigor Apart From Other Apple Vinegar Drinks?

What Sets Vim & Vigor Apart From Other Apple Vinegar Drinks?

If you’ve walked down the aisles of any health food store or bookstore with a health section, it’s likely you’ve seen more than one title touting the benefits of apple cider vinegar tonics.

It’s like the entire world has suddenly woken up to the benefits of adding herbal drinks made with apple cider vinegar to their diet! Although it might sound strange to suggest that there are benefits to drinking vinegar, it’s important to realize that the power of apple cider vinegar and various organic herbs is known around the world.

Vim & Vigor Offers Unique Ingredients And Superior Quality

While we’re certainly not the only apple cider vinegar tonic on the market today, we do happen to believe that Vim & Vigor herbal drinks are one of the best things you can do for your daily health. And yes, we believe that our apple vinegar drinks are superior when it comes to our proprietary formula and quality of ingredients.

Vim & Vigor Tastes Delicious!

We use not one or two, but a full selection of 14 herbs grown in organic-certified gardens right here in America. Then we mix this herbal extraction together with aged apple cider vinegar that’s also completely organic. Finally, unlike many other makers of apple cider vinegar tonics, we add in organic apple and grape juices, giving our product a delicious flavor that many other products lack.

If you’ve been afraid of trying our herbal drink because you think it might taste bitter, like salad dressing that’s been left outside too long, never fear! We’ve created a delicious recipe that everyone in your family will enjoy taking!