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aboutpage-img.jpgIn Celebration of our Grandma Roberta

Hoosier Herbal Remedies, Inc. is woman-owned and based in North Salem, Indiana. Our story began in 1993 when we were searching for a remedy for family members blood sugar irregularities. We were inspired by our Grandma to look towards a natural remedy. Vim & Vigor was formulated based on an organic adaptation of an old Kentucky mountain recipe that has been handed down through the generations. Our family had such amazing results from the tonic, we decided to create a company dedicated to making our customer’s lives blossom and encourage their bodies to thrive one sip at a time!

Grandma's organic cider vinegar recipe proved to be pretty good stuff. In our Vim & Vigor bottle, handed down for generations, from grandmother to grandchild is a time-tested formula. We believe that there is a place for herb supplements, used properly, right alongside the thousands of synthetic drugs on the market today. Featuring our unique herbal formulation, Vim & Vigor is a certified organic raw apple cider vinegar tonic with 14 herbs & spices in one convenient bottle.

Vim & Vigor is a USA made product, using USA grown herbs, raw organic cider vinegar, and juices. Even the bottle, labels and caps are Made in the USA. The bottling of our apple cider vinegar tonic also takes place in a USDA approved Organic kitchen in Kentucky, just like Grandma would have wanted.

Sip daily, rise to the occasion of life itself and as Grandma would proclaim, "live with Vim and Vigor!"

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Vim & Vigor?

Vim & Vigor is a sweet and smooth apple cider vinegar (ACV) tonic that is infused with 14 herbs and spices.  It has no added sugars, so it's approved for those watching their blood sugar levels.

What are the herbs in Vim & Vigor?

Click here to see a full listing of the herbs and their historical uses:  Benefits of Vim & Vigor

What is the "Mother"?  Is it in Vim & Vigor? 

We only use RAW organic cider vinegar that contains the "Mother" which are strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria that give the product a murky appearance.  Many people believe that the "mother" is responsible for most of the health benefits in cider vinegar.

Should I take V&V in the morning, or in the evening? 

We find most of our customers take their V&V in the morning for the boost of energy it gives them. You will receive the same benefits whenever you choose to take your shot.  We do have some customers with gastric issues such as acid reflux who take it in the evening.    They claim it helps their gut health and improves their sleeping.

How much do I take?

We recommend taking 2 Tablespoons once per day.  If you're just starting with Vim & Vigor or you're feeling a bit under the weather, you may want to take 2 times per day.  This will give your immune system a bigger boost.

Can I mix V&V in juices or water?

Certainly!  Mixing V&V is perfectly fine, it will not change the benefits of the product.

What is the shelf life of Vim & Vigor?

Based on FDA Guidelines, the "best-by" date is 3 years.  There will be a stamp on the top of the bottle with the best-by date.  

How do I store Vim & Vigor?

Due to the small amounts of grape and apple juice, the FDA cautions that this product needs refrigeration after opening.  It also tastes better cold!  

Why does this bottle taste different than the previous bottle?  Did you change something?

No!  Nothing was changed, we promise!   Each batch can taste a bit different than the previous batch.  The most common cause is the flavor difference between the time of year the vinegar was made and/or the herbs were harvested.  The taste of the Apple Cider Vinegar can change slightly do to the apples that were used to create it.  

Is Vim & Vigor Gluten-FREE?

YES!  Our product has been certified as Gluten-FREE.   


*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.