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3 Ways To Mix Up Your Daily Dose Of Organic Cider Vinegar

3 Ways To Mix Up Your Daily Dose Of Organic Cider Vinegar

As you may have read on our About Us page, the organic cider vinegar drink currently known as Vim & Vigor has been a part of our family for several decades.

As kids, whenever we started to feel a little under the weather, Grandma would open up her icebox and take out a decanter full of her special blend of herbs and drinking vinegar. We’d swallow a teaspoon or two, and pretty soon, we’d be feeling right as rain.

If you’re having trouble getting your kids to take their organic cider vinegar tonic, or you’re finding that you’re getting bored of the naturally-delicious flavor of Vim & Vigor, we have good news!

Vim & Vigor can be mixed with other beverages without losing any of the powerful, health-boosting properties associated with organic cider vinegar.

Here are just a couple of the ways our customers like to enjoy Vim & Vigor every day!

1. Add It To Your Favorite Juice

Did you know that Vim & Vigor is made by mixing organic cider vinegar with herbs and organic fruit juices? Add it to your favorite brand of apple or grape juice for a morning beverage with an added kick!

2. Swirl It In A Smoothie

Do you enjoy a daily smoothie made with fruit and protein? Make it even healthier by adding a cap or two of Vim & Vigor before you hit “pulse” on the blender!

3. Drizzle It In Your Herbal Tea

Do you enjoy a cup of Lemon Zinger or green tea in the afternoons? Make it healthy as well as comforting with the addition of our organic cider vinegar tonic!

Start mixing up your Vim & Vigor in new and exciting ways.