Vim & Vigor Apple Cider Vinegar & Herb Tonic- 60 Day Supply

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Try a 2-pack of our 32-ounce Vim & Vigor.  Packaged in 100% recycled, food safe plastic bottle, this will ship to you via the USPS.  

What’s in it and how’s it made? We start with USA-grown, certified organic herbs that are extracted over the course of many weeks.  We combine this unique herbal extract with raw organic apple cider vinegar, organic apple juice and organic white grape juice.  This combination makes an amazing elixir which has produced some interesting and healthy results!

Vim & Vigor has a shelf life of 3 years while unopened.  After opening we suggest storing in the refrigerator, as it tastes best cold!  Many of our customers love cooking and making custom seltzer with Vim & Vigor.  

INGREDIENTS: Apple Cider Vinegar, Apple Juice, grape juice, black cohosh, chamomile, cinnamon, echinacea purpurea, american ginseng, chickweed herb, ginger, goldenseal, valerian, anise seed, cloves, fenugreek seed, black walnut, licorice and natural flavoring.





Product Reviews

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Vim and Vigor
Written by JAMES P KESTER on 4th Sep 2019

...been drinking this healthy tonic for 15 plus years ... i am 'addicted' ...

Vim & Vigor helped reduce cholesterol and control blood pressure!
Written by Gary on 13th May 2019

I recently purchased 4 quarts of Vim & Vigor Amish tonic from Hoosier Herbal remedies. I have been using this product of and on for many years as it is effective in lowering my cholesterol and also helps control my borderline-stage 1 hypertension. I can purchase the product locally but drive approximately 65 miles one way to make the purchase and the product is sold in 24 ounce bottles. Much easier to order, via mail, from Hoosier Herbal Remedies and not have to contend with a 130 mile round trip. Hoosier Herbal Remedies is expedient in fulfilling orders and properly packaging them to prevent shipment damage. I highly recommend this product to one and all as it is of benefit to one and all with it's base of apple cider vinegar and 14 herbs.

A Good Addiction
Written by James P Kester on 16th Sep 2018

It has been probably close to 10 years now that I take a 'swig' of vim and vigor after a full glass of water every morning except when traveling. My digestive system seems to crave it and it has become a good habit!

Vim & Vigor
Written by Sandy on 23rd Apr 2018

Great service on order! Tastes very flavorful!

great product
Written by jeff bradley on 22nd Mar 2018

my brother uses your product to help control his blood sugar and has great success he has actually been able to cut down on the insenlen that he does .

Great !
Written by Gary on 20th Mar 2018

Long time user , love it, makes me feel great !

Great !
Written by gary ensor on 8th Feb 2018

Great product !, Have used it for years ! Has lots of health benefits !

My GO to tonic....
Written by undefined on 25th Jan 2018

Been using it for over a year, and I must say it does work. It keeps my joints feeling better.

Vim & Vigor Review
Written by Sandra M Schilling on 13th Jan 2018

I've been using Vim & Vigor for about 4 years now! I've read through most of the reviews posted already and can echo most of them!!! It really helps with digestive problems, arthritic joint pain, high blood pressure and helps control the sugar in the body!!! Really happy I started using it years ago!

Vim and vigor
Written by Jeff Bradley on 22nd Dec 2017

Works as good as advertised

Seniors find it very helpful....
Written by Brian on 19th Oct 2017

I offered it to my patients to ward off flu like symptoms.

Vin and Vigor is Awesome
Written by Terry on 17th Nov 2016

This product is great!! Full of everything you need, I credit Vin and Vigor for my lower cholesterol and also back pain I was having.

Written by undefined on 8th Jul 2016

I have been using this for about a year now. It helps the body & mind get through the day.

Beneficial health properties.
Written by undefined on 23rd May 2016

I took this on a friend's recommendation as I was suffering leg swelling and pain and high cholesterol. For three months I used Vim & Vigor in place of prescription medicine for lowering the cholesterol Tests confirmed my mu unhealthy cholesterol levels had returned to normal. Vim & Vigor also makes and excellent flavor enhancer when preparing home made salad dressing.

Written by LW on 23rd Mar 2016

I took this to help with acid/heartburn during the night. I seldom have acid at night now and sleep very well. I am waiting for it to help my joints. I have been taking it once a day for 3 weeks.

Really works!
Written by Shelley on 20th Jan 2016

I was referred to Vim & Vigor from a friend. After the first week, I thought to myself this is actually working. No more stiffness in the morning and some energy to boot! Then.. as many of us do, I flaked on the regimine and all the aches came right back! So now I know it is the Vim & Vigor that keep me ache free!!

Awesome product!
Written by undefined on 18th Oct 2015

Vim & Vigor lives up to its claims. I suffer from joint pain and prefer holistic remedies. When taken every day, my joint pain is barely noticeable. I've never come across a product that works this quickly and effectively. I take it with a small amount of antioxidant juice. It takes a bit to get used to but is worth every drop. I highly recommend it.

Written by undefined on 4th Jun 2015

This product has helped my energy level, overall, just makes you feel better.

Healing with Vigor!
Written by Kim Padilla on 20th May 2014

Since using this remedy, my body is feeling much better. It helps keep all my systems in balance. My sinuses seem to be much clearer. Excellent product!!!