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The Power Of Star Anise As A Natural Supplement

Posted by Hoosier Herbal Remedies on

Although the powerful foundation of apple cider vinegar in our Vim & Vigor tonic gets a lot of attention, it’s certainly not the only ingredient that delivers health benefits. Our apple cider vinegar supplement is also chock full of medicinal herbs that can help to keep you looking and feeling your best.

In past blogs, we’ve detailed some of the reasons that ingredients like black cohosh and black walnut are included in our natural supplement. Now we’d like to continue this discussion by taking a look at star anise, a very delicious addition to Vim & Vigor.

Where Does Star Anise Come From?

Looking at it, it’s not hard to see how star anise got its name. Harvested from a small, oriental tree, this star-shaped fruit contains seed pods nestled within five to ten pointed boat-like sections. Star anise is native to China and Vietnam, but today is grown almost exclusively in Japan, Indo-China, and southern China.

Why Take Star Anise As A Natural Supplement?

  • Star anise is commonly used in Indian and Asian cuisine as a spice, so why would we suggest that it has a place as a natural supplement in our apple cider vinegar drink? Star anise is actually quite packed with health benefits.
  • Star anise is high in antioxidants that fight against the damage caused by free radicals
  • Star anise is known to combat fungal infections of the skin, especially candidiasis.
  • In the age of drug-resistant bacterias, it’s comforting to know that star anise is a natural antibacterial agent
  • Those who suffer from rheumatism have often reported that regular massaging of joints with the oil of star anise eases their pain.

We hope this has helped you to see why we chose to include star anise as a natural supplement in Vim & Vigor. Order your supply today!

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